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Scratch Color Paper Cross Ornaments

scratch color cross ornament religious crafts idea

Scratch Color Paper Cross Ornaments

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Scratch Color Paper Cross Ornament Religious Craft Idea

We have been receiving messages from people wanting to see more religious craft ideas. So today we decided we will post another affordable simple craft idea.

Today's craft idea is Scratch color paper cross ornaments.

You can do this 2 ways:

You can buy the color scratch paper and then cut out crosses from the paper, then use a hole punch to make a hole for the string or yarn, and cut strings of yarn to be able to put through the holes.

Scratch Color Paper:

Hole Punch:


You can also just buy the pre-made kits that are available for this craft idea now:

If you want the craft idea to take a longer amount of time I would suggest the first option if you want to be able to make these in a smaller amount of time then I recommend the second idea.

This is a fantastic and easy to do craft idea for Sunday school, church youth groups, or just as a family friendly craft activity.

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