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Sand Art Cross Necklaces

cross sand art religious craft idea

Sand Art Cross Necklaces

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Cross Sand Art Craft Idea

Today we wanted to share a new craft idea that was shared with us through our contact page.

The craft idea is sand art cross necklaces. We were contacted by a parent who told us that this craft idea went really well as one of their church camp activities.

What is required for this craft idea:

Cross shaped sand tube necklaces (these can be purchased at various craft stores or online shopping websites)

Small funnels (many of the sand tube necklaces offer these with the purchase of the necklaces)

Different colored sand

You can also purchase all of the necessary pieces for this craft idea in kits together now:

Instructions for this religious craft idea:
The instructions for this craft idea are fairly easy to follow and do.

Step 1. using a small spoon or something to scoop the sand and a small funnel fill the cross shaped tubes with the different colored sand. You can use any colors you may have to make different layers or patterns inside the tube.

Step 2.Make sure the necklace is closed properly to prevent sand from falling out.

That's all there is to this craft idea! Simple isn't it? This can be fun to do at home with your own children or fun to do for church camps, Sunday School, or church youth groups.

*NOTE* You may want to use paper plates or a table with a table cover so that clean is made easier for when you are complete with this craft idea.

We hope you enjoy this craft idea and feel free to find us on social media to share images with us if you do these crafts.

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