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Painted Bible Verse Flowerpots

painted flowerpots religious craft idea

Painted Bible Verse Flowerpots

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Religious Craft Ideas

Today we wanted to share another craft idea. This craft idea is fairly simple and isn't very expensive. Today's idea is painted or decorated flowerpots. You can paint crosses, write Bible verses, or just decorate the flowerpots the way you like.

This craft idea is great for Sunday School, Church camp, church youth groups, or it can be a fun craft idea to do at home. This can be fun for adults and children.

For this we usually like to buy the white or cream colored ceramic flowerpots because those are the easier ones to decorate since they are lighter colored.

You can buy these in bulk and get about a dozen or so of them in bundles to save money.

You can click the link below to browse amazon for some light colored flowerpots (Many times you can get these cermaic flowerpots for less than $2 each if you buy them in bulk.):


We like this craft idea because it gives you plenty of freedom to be creative with this idea. On one of our flowerpots we painted it and then with a smaller paint brush we painted a Bible verse on it. Then on another pot we painted it and then painted a cross on it.

Do you like this craft idea? What sort of craft ideas would you like to see us share?

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