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God’s Not Dead 2 Movie Review

god's not dead 2 movie review

God’s Not Dead 2 Movie Review

by admin

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Today we will be doing a review for the movie God's Not Dead 2. This movie honestly I didn't enjoy it quite as much as I did the first one. One problem I have with the God's Not Dead movie series is they stereotype atheists. I know some atheists and they are nothing like what is portrayed in the movies. Of course some atheists might be, but I am just saying from personal experience not all atheists are mean or bad people. They just simply choose not to believe which is their right, so we don't try to force them to believe. Just because a person chooses to believe or not to believe doesn't mean they are bad people. You can still continue to believe what you choose!

That being said this movie was good enough to provide a form of entertainment and deliver a powerful message that you shouldn't let others from believing and practicing your religion.

Here's the trailer for God's Not Dead 2:

If you enjoyed the trailer or my honest feedback and are interested in renting the movie or purchasing the movie you can click the link below to see what the current prices are on Amazon.com:

If you have watched the movie what are your thoughts about God's Not Dead 2?

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