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painted flowerpots religious craft idea

Painted Bible Verse Flowerpots

by admin
Religious Craft Ideas Today we wanted to share another craft idea. This craft idea is fairly simple and isn't very expensive. Today's idea is painted or decorated flowerpots. You can paint crosses, write Bible verses, or just decorate the flowerpots the way you like. This craft idea is great for Sunday School, Church camp, church youth groups, or it can be a fun craft idea to do at home. This can be fun for adults and children. For this we usually like to buy the white or cream colored ceramic flowerpots because those are the easier ones to decorate since [...]
cross sand art religious craft idea

Sand Art Cross Necklaces

by admin
Cross Sand Art Craft Idea Today we wanted to share a new craft idea that was shared with us through our contact page. The craft idea is sand art cross necklaces. We were contacted by a parent who told us that this craft idea went really well as one of their church camp activities. What is required for this craft idea: Cross shaped sand tube necklaces (these can be purchased at various craft stores or online shopping websites) Small funnels (many of the sand tube necklaces offer these with the purchase of the necklaces) Different colored sand You can also [...]
scratch color cross ornament religious crafts idea

Scratch Color Paper Cross Ornaments

by admin
Scratch Color Paper Cross Ornament Religious Craft Idea We have been receiving messages from people wanting to see more religious craft ideas. So today we decided we will post another affordable simple craft idea. Today's craft idea is Scratch color paper cross ornaments. You can do this 2 ways: You can buy the color scratch paper and then cut out crosses from the paper, then use a hole punch to make a hole for the string or yarn, and cut strings of yarn to be able to put through the holes. Scratch Color Paper: Hole Punch: Yarn: You can also [...]
religious crafts idea painted clay crosses

Painted Clay Crosses

by admin
Painted Clay Cross Craft Idea This craft idea is fairly inexpensive. We will provide links for you to be able to see the products on Amazon.com Items needed for this activity or craft idea: Air Drying Clay - I like the air drying clay because I feel like it is simple to use because then there's no neeed to bake it in oven or anythign like that. Cross Cooker Cutter - I like these cookie cutters because they can easily be washed and reused. This set also comes with different size crosses. Paint - I like this paint set because [...]