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religious crafts idea painted clay crosses

Painted Clay Crosses

by admin
Painted Clay Cross Craft Idea This craft idea is fairly inexpensive. We will provide links for you to be able to see the products on Amazon.com Items needed for this activity or craft idea: Air Drying Clay - I like the air drying clay because I feel like it is simple to use because then there's no neeed to bake it in oven or anythign like that. Cross Cooker Cutter - I like these cookie cutters because they can easily be washed and reused. This set also comes with different size crosses. Paint - I like this paint set because [...]

Free Bible Coloring Pages

by admin
Free Bible Coloring Pages Welcome to Bible Guide. If you are a frequent visitor you will see that we strive to provide many free Bible study resources, tools, worksheets, free printable bible coloring pages, printable bible bookmarks and more. That being said today we are sharing some Bible related coloring pages that you can print for free. If you want to print the pages you can right click on the image and save it to your computer. Then go into your downloads or pictures folder on your computer and print out the pages. Below is another Bible coloring page that [...]
God's Not Dead Movie Review

God’s Not Dead Movie Review

by admin
Religious - Faith Movie Reviews Welcome to Bible Guide, feel free to browse our website. Many people are enjoying the website more as we progress to adding more to the website. Some of our most popular features are the Topical Bible and Read The Bible pages, however if you browse our website you will see there is a fair amount of Bible Study resources, worksheets, activities, entertainment related articles and more. Today for this article we will be doing a movie review for the God's Not Dead movie. If you have seen this movie before feel free to comment, find [...]

Free printable Bible Study Worksheets for Kids

by admin
Printable Bible Study Worksheets For Children Many people struggle to find Bible study resources and activities for children. So we plan to post worksheets, puzzles, and other activities here on Bible Guide so that you can have activities you can do with children for Bible Study, Sunday School, or whatever the case may be. We want Bible Guide to be a one stop resource for visitors when it comes to religious resources, Bible study tools, and more. Here's a new printable bible study worksheet you can print out. To print it out you can right click on the image and [...]