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printable bible coloring pages

Bible Coloring Pages

by admin
New Printable Bible-Religious Related Coloring Pages We received a message from a parent who asked us to post more coloring pages. They told us their children enjoyed our last post with free printable coloring pages. We were thankful to receive her message because it allows us to know what more people are wanting on the Bible Guide website. We actively try to keep Bible Guide up to date with daily Bible verses, with activities, entertainment and bible study resources. Anyways without further ado.... here are some more bible coloring worksheets that you can print out. Remember to be able to [...]
the passion of the christ movie review

The Passion Of The Christ Movie Review

by admin
Faith Based - Religious Movie Reviews Welcome to Bible Guide, today we are going to be doing a movie review for a movie that has been widely successful and has been requested my many visitors of our website. Today we will be reviewing The Passion of The Christ, this isn't a new movie it was released in 2004. The movie is ranked at number 31 on the top 100 films of all time for domestic gross (unadjusted for inflation). It is also ranked number 63 on the top 100 films for domestic gross (adjusted for inflation). This movie Summary/Synopsis is [...]
heaven is for real movie review

Heaven Is For Real Movie Review

by admin
Religious Movie Reviews - Faith Based Movie Reviews Today we're going to review the movie Heaven is For Real. So to start with we will share the summary of the movie and then give our review of the movie. Movie Summary for Heaven is For Real (This summary is from Amazon): "Based on the #1 New York Times best-selling book, Heaven is for Real recounts the true story of a small-town father who must find the courage and conviction to share his son's extraordinary, life-changing experience with the world. Starring Academy Award® nominee Greg Kinnear (Best Supporting Actor, As Good [...]
the encounter movie review

The Encounter Movie Review

by admin
Religious Movie Reviews - faith Based Movie Reviews This movie we are reviewing today is The Encounter movie. The movie didn't have a huge budget, but it did deliver a fantastic message. You never know when God or Jesus may come into your life to give you signs or help you along. Movie synopsis/ movie summary from Amazon: "Stranded in the middle of nowhere, five strangers find themselves marooned in a deserted roadside diner. An arrogant businessman, (Steve "Sting" Borden), a lonely single woman, (Jaci Velasquez), a couple on the verge of divorce, and a youthful runaway all come face [...]
home run movie review

Home Run Movie Review

by admin
Religious - Faith Movie Reviews Welcome to Bible Guide today we will be discussing and reviewing the movie Home Run. If you are interested in reading some of our other religious or faith based movie reviews feel free to look here: Religious Movie Reviews Movie Synopsis/Summary from Amazon: "Baseball all-star Cory Brand knows what it takes to win in the big leagues. But off the field, with memories of his past haunting him, his life is spiraling out of control. Hoping to save her client's career and reputation after a DUI and a team suspension, Cory's agent sends him back [...]
free printable bible wordsearches

Printable Bible Word-Searches

by admin
Free Printable Bible Word Search Puzzles Today we decided we wanted to work on sharing more Bible study worksheets or Bible study activities. So today we got some word search puzzles to share. You can save these to your computer by right clicking on your computer mouse and save it to your computer. Then go into your computers files and locate your downloads folder or pictures folder and the free printable word search should be located in there for you to print. This first bible word search is for kids which is why it is easier and has less words: [...]
war room movie review

War Room Movie Review

by admin
Faith Based - Religious Movie Reviews Welcome to Bible Guide! today we are doing a movie review and sharing information regarding the movie War Room. Let's start with the trailer for the War Room movie, below you can watch the trailer: Here's a synopsis/ plot summary of the movie ( this summary is from CFDb - CFDb stands for christian film database.) Film Description: War Room – Prayer Is A Powerful Weapon! From the award-winning creators of Fireproof and Courageous comes WAR ROOM, a compelling drama with humor and heart that explores the power that prayer can have on marriages, [...]

Facing The Giants Movie Review

by admin
Religious - Faith Movie Reviews If this is your first time to Bible Guide let me tell you a little bit about Bible Guide. Bible Guide is a website we built to provide Bible study resources and tools for free! We also write articles for various other topics that are religious or faith based. In this article today we will be covering the movie review for Facing The Giants. To start with we will share the movie synopsis/summary with you (this synopsis is from IMDb which stands for Internet movie database.) Movie Summary: "An action-packed drama about a Christian high [...]
fireproof movie review

Fireproof Movie Review

by admin
Fireproof religious - faith based movie review Let me start with a summary of the Fireproof movie. This summary is from IMDB (IMDB stands for internet movie database) Film Summary: In an attempt to save his marriage, a firefighter uses a 40-day experiment known as "The Love Dare". This movie received mixed reviews on many of the online movie review websites for various different reasons.Some people cited rough or poor acting quality, some people said the movie was low budget, some people thought the message was delivered very good, and the list goes on. My review of the movie is [...]
courageous movie review

Courageous Movie Review

by admin
Religious - Faith Based Movie Review Here on Bible Guide we are different than many religion or faith based websites. Here we provide Bible study tools and resources. In addition to that we provide craft ideas, religious, spiritual or faith based movie reviews, television show reviews and more. The quote below is the film synopsis for the Courageous movie, the source for this synopsis is CFDB (CFDB stands for Christian Film Database) Film Synopsis: As law enforcement officers, Adam Mitchell, Nathan Hayes, and their partners are confident and focused. They willingly stand up to the worst the world can offer. [...]