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About Bible Guide

Let me tell you a little bit about Bible Guide and why it was started. Bible Guide was built because we knew we wanted to start a religious website that offered many religious resources, religious articles, bible study tools, religious recreational/hobby/leisure/entertainment ideas and cover topics many religious websites don't cover.

In addition to that if you have visited many of the religious websites that are available online many of them look outdated and have not put in the effort to make their website more modern and keep it updated. So this is how we decided to build Bible Guide.

We want to share religious resources with anyone who is interested. We want to work towards keeping faith alive and spread the word of God. We want to share the Bible with others so they themselves can decide if they want to choose to believe. That being said we don’t force religion on anyone, it is their decision to visit the website or not and it is their decision whether or not they believe in God or the Bible.

However we have faith and believe that the website can be a great tool for those who want to study the Bible, and those who are looking for family friendly and religious friendly resources and activities.

So that is a little bit about Bible Guide and why we built it. We hope you enjoy the website and will share it with others.